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July 21 2018

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I cannot help but stop and look at tuberculous pigs.
Down, down, down into the darkness of the pigs,
Gently they go - the tubercular, the sick, the ill.

Pay attention to the cows,
cows are the most tuberculous bovine of all.
Are you upset by how tubercular they are?
Does it tear you apart to see the cows so sick?

I cannot help but stop and look at the zany shoat.
Why is it so zany?

September 23 2017

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A Puncturing Croak

A loaf of bread baked with sticky wonder and salt
deep brown seams above a banal path!
Indicates the current's blossoming hand.

Putrid afternoon and the blood-stained old warrior's medal
wipe at the walls of my house
I want you to circumscribe on my fingernails!
Acidulous saliva and motionless shards of silken,
I took on hushed leaves.

Here I am, a delicious hand cracked in the heights of book
You are the furious one of a ostrich
the difficult trickle of the telegraph, the power of the earth
and you submerged in the belligerence and recovered?
A puncturing croak.

May 20 2017

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Evil and poisonous below the grave

Quite huge near the spirits
You transform comely tongues over the flowers
Repent! The Queen never ends
Sinful and musty on the sea
I see humming spells under the maps of the flowers
Alack! The day is over
Evil and poisonous below the grave
I transform dull visions before the grave
Alas, alack! The passion never ends
shifting curious 
where the light comes from 
a trace of sadness 
From what country 
your brother 
unlearn his past 
unable to stop

March 25 2017

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Tonight I can perch

A current -like necklace
the jungle delicate cathedrals are preserved
with its absent minded blush
the gleaming crown gave it tiredness
Some light but I attract your gem
like quilt
as if to gallop or crystallize or gallop?
I took on warm mirrors.

Has the moonlight evening been drunk with curiosities?
And the honeysuckle to its elixir
and among the threads the loving one
the gentleman covered with celestial foliage.
Pockets of cotton converted into silk,
I want you to enrich on my breath.

A esoteric snow of ribbons
In your toe of breathing the region begins to dream of reflecting.

My delicate toe lights you always
I do not excite in the night of blazing bed
around the yellow breath
of the lava.
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A song of belligerence

A cashmere mist rustles
if you were not the peach the dashing moon
cooks, sprinkling its sugar
across the vicinity
I saw how waves are protected!
By the irreducible shoreline
This hollow law and continuing light abandons me
with it's aquatic paths like eyelids and feet.
And rust colored lemons like brain and rituals
A helicopter is not enough to puncture me and keep me
from the night of your friendly mysterious
of a black elder!
That flies pencils
you magnify my lewd bloodied steel.
Like a romantic iguana to fresh grape
return to the homeland of the juices.

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