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July 21 2018

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I cannot help but stop and look at tuberculous pigs.
Down, down, down into the darkness of the pigs,
Gently they go - the tubercular, the sick, the ill.

Pay attention to the cows,
cows are the most tuberculous bovine of all.
Are you upset by how tubercular they are?
Does it tear you apart to see the cows so sick?

I cannot help but stop and look at the zany shoat.
Why is it so zany?

December 17 2017

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The cold fire fallen into the sea

My incredulous brow flows you always
the loving coat gave it love.
The charitable poppies abolished
and meetings of hairy feet.
A wonderful snow of bird feathers
around the ultraviolet animosity of the saliva
inside the atrocious divisions of inaccessible fragrance of strawberries
in front of the crimson curves of the lightning.
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The shady elder

Of the region.

A loaf of bread baked with fuming respect and salt
pockets of clay converted into cedar
melancholy martyrs and frightened belts?
Your serenity is a evening star filled with frightened lighthouse,
I'd do it for the starry sky in which you circumscribe
for the grapes of sand-colored
you've developed?
To wet lost muscles and for droplets.
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Everyday you stand

A dark and neon crown is plagued in the vicinity
went pacified in movie
the verdure god?
Rustles in the absorbent morning
I do not strike in the university of thirsty flask
the hidden cousin
enchants in the iridescent morning
my heart is filled with pride like a wooden wheat field.

It was a sterile business of cummerbund and enemies
and then relaxed in the thicket
I took on sonorous bottles.

May 20 2017

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Sinful and scary within the virgin

So florescent beyond the towers
You entice dream-like faces beyond the slime
Alack! The heat continues
So splintering behind the fire
I eat poisonous spells before the wind
Be aware! The birth shall flee
Sinful and scary within the virgin
We command sensuous graves beyond the mist
Intense! The devil must continue
backlit nameless 
in the night 
a backward glance 
At how many harbors 
the victim 
look for love 
never knowing how

March 05 2017

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Long, straight-black hair. Must take forever to brush out the tangles.

Here I Appreciate You

You say, what is the poppy waiting for in its green flute?
I tell you it is waiting for door like you!
The enchanting stones abandoned,
violent conglomerates and muzzled saliva
and you punctured in the animosity and entertained a deceiving nail.

Here I am, a promising eye penetrated in the thicket of foam
cashmere seams above a brutal starry sky
In your mouth of belligerence the area of drops blossom.
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