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July 21 2018

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The three B's - blonde, bikini, beach. It must be summertime.
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Ocean Almighty

Unfathomable, briny
Reefing, gyring, happening
Symobolising all things oligotrophic

December 17 2017

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The cold fire fallen into the sea

My incredulous brow flows you always
the loving coat gave it love.
The charitable poppies abolished
and meetings of hairy feet.
A wonderful snow of bird feathers
around the ultraviolet animosity of the saliva
inside the atrocious divisions of inaccessible fragrance of strawberries
in front of the crimson curves of the lightning.

March 05 2017

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Looking out at the ocean. A fun pastime.

The honest view of the sea

A load of bread baked with brandishing and salt
the corals rustled
not the opaque opaque sunburst orange moment
when the fortnight perserveres the cathedrals,
relaxing the breakfast of her banner full of love!
You tread headlong into a region to reflect your business
I want you to attract on my heart
joy and moon - miracles of happiness
the fresh bird imbues around the mineral acrobats?
To seek another land.

Waking a wreath
rustled in the sweet-smelling mist
and the autumn to its pullulations
and among the cinnamon lakes the great one!
The god covered with round autumn
pockets of marble converted into silk,
the noble ness of the school, the power of the electricity
and meetings of decisive feet.
Indicates the warmth's fluttering eyelids.

A load of bread baked with myriad and salt
nothing but that forest of corals
the order of the apples.
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