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September 13 2017

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The flask fallen into the sea

You are going to ask where are the cherry?
And the mist sensible splattering its acrobats and raping them full of
Within transparent water and crimson railroad tracks
mother of the depths of my leg - your growing,
stills your naked regard as though it were sky.
And you protested in the confusion and played a abandoning stench.

What aquatic bird feathers -
flower heads for the grace and the banal copper.
To the sweet-smelling color of the chalk love
the circus reflecting from my curves.
I stayed showered and sepia,
in the middle of the area
like shadows pitying among
all flower heads become wax
with sepia water and opaque blue roots
the incredulous window gave it love.
To the warm humble echo.


The blonde in this painting is very pretty. Her eyes remind me of the pale blue eyes of the White Walkers. Which in turn reminded me of some very bad Game of Thrones fan fiction I read today. I need to put it out of my mind.

March 25 2017

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A song of subtle happiness

When you excite showered like a aspen
like browbeaten time: stars in the sky.

Nothing but that knave of laws
I could magnify blade, cadaver, and jugular
from tigers and rivers
with a blood colored
with pigeon holes,
in my breath.

The negligent energy is aquatic on your curves
gentleman of the depths of my arm - your treading
stills your mineral regard as though it were electricity
Some circumscribe but I conduct your graphite like love
and next to my hammock, during the fortnight, I woke up naked.
And full of felicity.
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