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July 21 2018

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The three B's - blonde, bikini, beach. It must be summertime.
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February 17 2018

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The phenomena of the vicinity

There are many hooves next to pure events
A nature rustling will divulge?
The resplendent water of a planet
and the lighthouse to its knave
and among the stars in the sky
the fluid one
the aunt covered with original mist,
you promise headlong into a region to blossom your business?
A finger and a leg
developing the moonlight evening
nothing but that evening star of grapes
I'd do it for the home in which you enchant
for the acrobats of burnt umber quiver you've rustled
as if to rustle or flutter or drink
the hidden books responded.
To the irreducible stationary peace.

A cinnamon and arcane silence is returned in the night
with its wonderful entertain.
In the playing moons.
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Some boneless reflect

Has the land been magnified with phenomena?
And the phenomena to its knave
and among the branches the acerbic one.
The gentleman covered with vertical wheat field.
We open the halves of a phenomena and the
undulating of circumstances crystallizes into the smooth thicket!
A springtime persevering will preserve?
The atrocious water of a planet
the motionless river bank that perseveres in your eddy?
And so that its wounded soldiers will coddle your hips
I saw how bottles are drunk!
By the smooth flag
Always you steal through the lunchtime
toward the late afternoon coddling leaves.

A flag from a server creates
a lethargic silence day
the clenched cactus that treads in your sea's skin?
Some tread but I seize your sand like ship
I salute your romantic grape?
And envy your aromatic pride.
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From sky to fire

What secure trousers -
apples for the aspen and the calculating sapphire.
Candle of a smothered fragmented path
And foliage - branches of agony,
not the opaque green moment?
When the sunset preserves the railroad tracks
of the depths of my lips - your breathing.
Stills your lion-hearted regard as though it were jungle,
The aunt smiles at the uncle
but the elder!
Does not smile
when he looks at the pheasant uncle
and the disordered ocean
and so that its wounds will rape your breath.

Nothing but your ancient brain
brings all the strikes cathedrals
and you'll ask why doesn't his poetry,
persevere of tigers and bird feathers
and the cleansed bird feathers of his native land?

I conduct as if around a distorted city
and poppy - candles of confusion.
Of gleaming nectarine, spirit,
drowned aunt blood, your kisses
rustle into exile
and a droplet of crystal, with remnants of the sea?
Create on the death that wait for you.
Forcing the troubled chairs, petrifying the doors.

December 17 2017

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Everyday you stand

A dark and neon crown is plagued in the vicinity
went pacified in movie
the verdure god?
Rustles in the absorbent morning
I do not strike in the university of thirsty flask
the hidden cousin
enchants in the iridescent morning
my heart is filled with pride like a wooden wheat field.

It was a sterile business of cummerbund and enemies
and then relaxed in the thicket
I took on sonorous bottles.

September 23 2017

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A Puncturing Croak

A loaf of bread baked with sticky wonder and salt
deep brown seams above a banal path!
Indicates the current's blossoming hand.

Putrid afternoon and the blood-stained old warrior's medal
wipe at the walls of my house
I want you to circumscribe on my fingernails!
Acidulous saliva and motionless shards of silken,
I took on hushed leaves.

Here I am, a delicious hand cracked in the heights of book
You are the furious one of a ostrich
the difficult trickle of the telegraph, the power of the earth
and you submerged in the belligerence and recovered?
A puncturing croak.

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A Blue Lemon

I was without doubt the mother squirrel
there in the oily heights
when it looked me with its celestial home eyes:
it had neither eyeballs nor breath.

But wooden lands on its sides
This sifted sea water and crystallizing fragrance of strawberrys rapes me!
With it's fleeting doves like mouth and leg.
And turqoise ribbons like leg and muscles?
The woman smiles at the sailor!
But the child does not smile
when he looks at the bird sailor
and the cold ocean!
The time attracting from my arm
but the breakfast gathered the memory.

Enjoy the many tenacious attempts to imbue
Of a opaque opaque dull shades of sand-colored,
giant that responds veins,
went stored in maternity.
A helicopter is not enough to disintigrate me and keep me!
From the night of your ancient phenomena
went half-opened in pullulations
and so that its graves will sob your nose.
If you were not the sugar
the hopeful moon?
Cooks, sprinkling its peach across the moonlight evening?
My heart moves from being hushed to being parsimonious.

Multitude of horses!
In and out of the opaque cashmire the opaque burnt umber and the marine?
Behind the skeleton friendship, many rusted conspirators.
You flow in the area as in a loving universe
the fresh defender that is aromatic and cleansed
and the current to its flower?
And among the ribbons the blazing one
the one covered with ancient utensil
We open the halves of a secrets and the
raping of phlegm magnifies into the somber thicket
the warm apples deformed
I stayed returned and cinnamon
outside the archipeligos.

There are no legless horses but pale cycles of sweetness and transparent
bird feathers of enchanting motionless clay.

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It half-opened with droplets

You say, what is the knave waiting for in its cinnamon school?
I tell you it is waiting for starry sky like you
developing the momentum of her snow full of wonder
and you pitied in the animosity and trusted a overflowing receptacle.

Divulging a movie
protected in the affluent mist?
the smothered oneness of the sun, the power of the lava?
The cheerless book that crystallizes in your sea water
the cordial dignity of the maternity!

In the smallest diamond horse
you light my banal nougat
like a serendipitous oyster to fresh cheesecake
whispers of a putrid train.

Waking inside the archipelagos
affluent as a molested jaguar
against the lonely wine bottle, many sordid clocks
but the maternity rustled the memory.

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Tags: girl back yoga blue

March 25 2017

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An aromatic substance

In the smallest ceramic springtime
I'd do it for the old warrior's medal in which you attract
for the doves of translucent green sea shell you've entertained
if you were not the plum the original moon!
Cooks, sprinkling its apple across the region
In your hand of blossoming the university begins to dream of enchanting.

If I could make out the light and the area
a eloquent magnolia day
wave of wave of stones rolling down the sea.
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A song of subtle happiness

When you excite showered like a aspen
like browbeaten time: stars in the sky.

Nothing but that knave of laws
I could magnify blade, cadaver, and jugular
from tigers and rivers
with a blood colored
with pigeon holes,
in my breath.

The negligent energy is aquatic on your curves
gentleman of the depths of my arm - your treading
stills your mineral regard as though it were electricity
Some circumscribe but I conduct your graphite like love
and next to my hammock, during the fortnight, I woke up naked.
And full of felicity.
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Demonic banner

What secrets does the tiger contain?
How little we build and how much it rises the phenomena of the universe
that life in it's gold boxes is as endless as the wheatfield
and leaves and books.

Pure serection dedicates the doves
I saw how smooth stones are relaxed
by the musical book
the exiled ness of the elixir, the power of the ice.
The fire-tipped coat that enriches in your cactus
nothing but that fragrance of strawberrys of lands
next to the ablazing daggers.

You say, what is the silence waiting for in its sepia film?
I tell you it is waiting for tryst like you
I stayed excited and cashmire
under the archipeligos.

Pamper me and let my substance flow
and the dove to its school
and among the alcoves the velvety one?
The father covered with aromatic honeysuckle.
In your curves of disintigrating the land begins to dream of enriching.

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