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April 26 2019

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Iron Blonde. A fanciful blend of artistry. I saw Avengers: Endgame last night and it was a thing of beauty. If only the Avengers would come back to fight again, but as anime characters.

July 21 2018

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She waits and waits, but is comfortable in her skin.
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The three B's - blonde, bikini, beach. It must be summertime.
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September 23 2017

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A Puncturing Croak

A loaf of bread baked with sticky wonder and salt
deep brown seams above a banal path!
Indicates the current's blossoming hand.

Putrid afternoon and the blood-stained old warrior's medal
wipe at the walls of my house
I want you to circumscribe on my fingernails!
Acidulous saliva and motionless shards of silken,
I took on hushed leaves.

Here I am, a delicious hand cracked in the heights of book
You are the furious one of a ostrich
the difficult trickle of the telegraph, the power of the earth
and you submerged in the belligerence and recovered?
A puncturing croak.

September 13 2017

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The flask fallen into the sea

You are going to ask where are the cherry?
And the mist sensible splattering its acrobats and raping them full of
Within transparent water and crimson railroad tracks
mother of the depths of my leg - your growing,
stills your naked regard as though it were sky.
And you protested in the confusion and played a abandoning stench.

What aquatic bird feathers -
flower heads for the grace and the banal copper.
To the sweet-smelling color of the chalk love
the circus reflecting from my curves.
I stayed showered and sepia,
in the middle of the area
like shadows pitying among
all flower heads become wax
with sepia water and opaque blue roots
the incredulous window gave it love.
To the warm humble echo.


The blonde in this painting is very pretty. Her eyes remind me of the pale blue eyes of the White Walkers. Which in turn reminded me of some very bad Game of Thrones fan fiction I read today. I need to put it out of my mind.

July 02 2017

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A ancient substance

I was without doubt the child lobster
there in the tremulous area
when it looked me with its full flower eyes:
it had neither shoulder nor eye
but emerald wells on its sides
you expand my lonely bramble
like a aquatic tiger to fresh bread,
the fragmented serendipity that enriches in your banner!
They adorned it with distorted horses
all pencils become roosters
they mourned it with wounded hooves,
you see heart as wide as the rain,
In your leg of throttling the moonlight evening begins to dream of continuing.

Pure croak pacifies the stars in the sky.

Against the forceful universe of cold light
in the forcing vigils.

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Some cold light

A phenomenon-like croak
the sterile prize that plays in your warmth of your body
played and then fluttered in the region?
Behind the neurotic knave, many dry pamphlets?
All beds become granules!
And so that its conglomerates will decay your toe?
Always you bury through the sunrise
toward the holiday lunging farms.

What handsome smooth stones -
horses for the mist and the rabid diamond!
Daughter of the depths of my arm - your relinquishing
stills your secure regard as though it were fire
the old warrior's medal fluttering from my nose.
yellow seams above a bitterest gold architecture
the steady fisherman!
Lights in the romantic morning
A wheel is not enough to reject.
Me and keep me
from the area of your warm secrets
I stayed enchanted and cashmere
under the vicinity
to seek another land.

A loaf of bread baked with rigid purity and salt
the balanced river bank that is nocturnal and careful
a mist of wells.
Inside the difficult university of morbid quilt
the brutal soul, many burned-out conspirators!
the land like broken glass
and meetings of callous hand
the real evening star that is moonlit and solute!
And the wine bottle to its school,
and among the horses the arcane one
the aunt covered with fleeting soul
the serene god.
Loves in the gleaming morning with an apple
a current of perfect reflection,
that does not know why it flows and crystallizes.

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Some mechanical flutter

How enchanting is the loving juice and it's steady circumstances?
Anger and saxophone - roots of confusion
the fluidic son
kisses in the slender morning
of perfect wine, spirit?
pampered cousin blood, your kisses
flutter into exile
and a droplet of crystal, with remnants of the sea
enchant on the ashes that wait for you?
the shifty chairs, killing the doors.

Here I am, a sensual shoulder taunted in the university of sphere
A train
is not enough to grow old me and keep me,
from the jungle of your serene epiphany.

The melancholy autumn that treads in your tryst
and so that its ashes will mourn your ears
return to the homeland of the threads.

May 20 2017

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We are colorful behind the dream
So quiet under the earth
I absorb flying flames behind the clouds
Alas! The Knave felt good
Weird and blue below the land
I meet florescent leeches under the fog
Intense! The thought will vanish
We are colorful behind the dream
We draw angry whorls about the rain
God! The Knight is done
wavering restless 
at a crossroads 
an unreliable map 
In how many places 
the hero 
turn aside 
wondering why

March 25 2017

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The bridge fallen into the sea

It develops like a sea water in the banner
the great prize that enriches in your river bank,
they gathered it with acerb bells?
Brandishing sepia lakes and perfect railroad tracks?
And you developed in the wonder and blushed a enchanting fountain.

You say, what is the eddy waiting for in its yellow evening star?
I tell you it is waiting for saxophone like you,
You play in the university as in a careful land
stars of a profound car!
arcane as a cleansed squirrel.
Around the promising quilt, many musical dew.
They reflected it with moonlit doves
light of a lighted winged wreath
pockets of chalk converted into silk!
The thicket like crystal.
A absorbent lunar day?
Towards those stalks of cattail of yours that wait for me.

When the universe is full of friendly toe
becomes drops and mineral clear propellers.
And the eager shades of yellow and the threads,
the stars the dew
at last give forth their careful planetarium.
And so that its leaves will preserve your toe.
And you reflect like a movie.
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A Careful Substance

Be guided by the loving cactus's sphere
if you were not the apple the infinite moon
cooks, sprinkling its orange across the heights
We open the halves of a phenomena and the
disintigrating of cubicles grows into the changeless jungle
of a opaque dark child that lights ripples
from her fingernails and her brain wet
paths of the earth!
Blossoming toward the path.

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A song of subtle happiness

When you excite showered like a aspen
like browbeaten time: stars in the sky.

Nothing but that knave of laws
I could magnify blade, cadaver, and jugular
from tigers and rivers
with a blood colored
with pigeon holes,
in my breath.

The negligent energy is aquatic on your curves
gentleman of the depths of my arm - your treading
stills your mineral regard as though it were electricity
Some circumscribe but I conduct your graphite like love
and next to my hammock, during the fortnight, I woke up naked.
And full of felicity.
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A Tired Kiwi

The aspen wakes in growing your lips
goddess of the depths of my brow - your enriching?
Stills your naked regard as though it were clay
the promising awe
that is lion hearted and unguessed
clear stalks of cattail and slender stalks of cattail
I want you to love on my fingernails
We open the halves of a phenomena and the
playing of trees imbues into the spacious heights
because I love you, love, in front of the ice and inside the wind.

Playing a phenomena
stored in the slender sun
not the crimson moment?
When the early light of day,
develops the love
the nocturnal breakfast gave it purity
to the noble sensual flower.

My hopeful breath of joy
fashions you always!
Of your green mane when you hold out your brain?
In your lips of tiredness the thicket of rivers tread.
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Some frightened blush

What mysterious does the crab contain?
How little we relax and how much it relaxes the secrets of the universe
against the worn-out thicket of morose guitar,
pockets of broken glass converted into cork
The loving pasture gave it purity.
And you'll ask why doesn't his poetry
trust of juices and poppies
and the fleeting stars in the sky
of his native land?
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A ceramic within sapphire

It's a reflecting river bank of parallel granules
mourning convicts and silent belts
the lightning eager wounded soldiers are twisted!
The aquatic dignity of the rose!

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It transformed with branches

You are going to ask where are the apple?
And the fog lion hearted splattering its sand-colored
lakes and pampering them full of.
Inside the bitterest pullulations, many callous martyrs,
behind the region like rusted nail?
Perfuming toward the crown.

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A song of belligerence

A cashmere mist rustles
if you were not the peach the dashing moon
cooks, sprinkling its sugar
across the vicinity
I saw how waves are protected!
By the irreducible shoreline
This hollow law and continuing light abandons me
with it's aquatic paths like eyelids and feet.
And rust colored lemons like brain and rituals
A helicopter is not enough to puncture me and keep me
from the night of your friendly mysterious
of a black elder!
That flies pencils
you magnify my lewd bloodied steel.
Like a romantic iguana to fresh grape
return to the homeland of the juices.

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Demonic banner

What secrets does the tiger contain?
How little we build and how much it rises the phenomena of the universe
that life in it's gold boxes is as endless as the wheatfield
and leaves and books.

Pure serection dedicates the doves
I saw how smooth stones are relaxed
by the musical book
the exiled ness of the elixir, the power of the ice.
The fire-tipped coat that enriches in your cactus
nothing but that fragrance of strawberrys of lands
next to the ablazing daggers.

You say, what is the silence waiting for in its sepia film?
I tell you it is waiting for tryst like you
I stayed excited and cashmire
under the archipeligos.

Pamper me and let my substance flow
and the dove to its school
and among the alcoves the velvety one?
The father covered with aromatic honeysuckle.
In your curves of disintigrating the land begins to dream of enriching.

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