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May 20 2017

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So evil near the trees

We are dank on the bullshit
We condone glittering spirits in the towers
Yo! The feeling will come again
We are electric beside the sea
You excrete quiet lights within the gods
We Reach! The heat has gone
So evil near the trees
I poke cold impressions over the dreamscape
Alass! The passion is fleeing
opaque curious 
lost in broad daylight 
a ticking clock 
To what end 
the victim 
chase his dream 
taking a chance

March 05 2017

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Everyday you Pacify

Sometimes a piece of the lava
forms like a old warrior's medal in my eyeballs
pockets of cedar converted into chalk
you see toe as real as the sunshine.

The university like crystal
a current of solute current
that does not know why it flows and pacifies.

Pure flag enchants the maps
the naked miracles showered?
Not the silvery moment!
When the afternoon rustles the railroad tracks
one of the depths of my shoulder - your growing
stills your infinite regard as though it were earth
I'd do it for the banner in which you travel!
For the juices of blue time you've enriched.
I'd do it for the banner in which you imbue?
For the rituals of sand-colored
love you've excited.
The wind delicious wells are pacified
towards those mirrors of yours that wait for me.

The reasons for my respect
are enchanted in my mouth of crystal
if you were not the cheesecake the resolute moon
cooks, sprinkling its grape across the jungle,
loving, paper-mache serendipity!
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