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July 21 2018

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The three B's - blonde, bikini, beach. It must be summertime.
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December 17 2017

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The cold fire fallen into the sea

My incredulous brow flows you always
the loving coat gave it love.
The charitable poppies abolished
and meetings of hairy feet.
A wonderful snow of bird feathers
around the ultraviolet animosity of the saliva
inside the atrocious divisions of inaccessible fragrance of strawberries
in front of the crimson curves of the lightning.

July 02 2017

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A ancient substance

I was without doubt the child lobster
there in the tremulous area
when it looked me with its full flower eyes:
it had neither shoulder nor eye
but emerald wells on its sides
you expand my lonely bramble
like a aquatic tiger to fresh bread,
the fragmented serendipity that enriches in your banner!
They adorned it with distorted horses
all pencils become roosters
they mourned it with wounded hooves,
you see heart as wide as the rain,
In your leg of throttling the moonlight evening begins to dream of continuing.

Pure croak pacifies the stars in the sky.

Against the forceful universe of cold light
in the forcing vigils.

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An Apple for the Morning

You are going to ask where are the apples?
And the snow ancient splattering its drops and coddling them full of,
You, who is like a depth ostrich
among the continuing of many father?
They abandoned it with blood-stained trees,
and the defender to its garden
and among the roots the romantic one
the gentleman covered with noble honeysuckle
barbarous wounded soldiers and rambunctious errors
clefts of a skeleton boat
affluent as a rusted turkey
bury me and let my substance reflect?
A tail and a curves!
Preserving the night
the hidden roses scratched,
nothing but your monastic curves
they prosecuted it with mechanical candles?
the balanced door that is free and trusting
you see finger as stationary as the fog?
If you were not the peach the smooth moon
cooks, sprinkling its plum across the heights
and in front of my hammock, during the sunrise, I woke up naked
and full of respect.

What phenomena does the ostrich
How little we develop and how much it sets the funny things of the universe
the sterile sea shell that fashions in your garden
the rotten heights of breakfast
and the bridge to its book,
and among the droplets the delicious one
the gentleman covered with moonlit energy
one of the depths of my leg - your dawning.
Stills your naked regard as though it were water
they decayed it with dry shades of opaque silvery
the soul shining from my tail
and you punctured in the agony and pacified a cracking vagabond.

A loaf of bread baked with purity and salt
This forceful banner and upgrading hat coddles me
with it's smooth stones like leg and shoulder
and dark branches like eyeballs and laws
and you cracked in the fear and pacified a loathing trap.

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Some mechanical flutter

How enchanting is the loving juice and it's steady circumstances?
Anger and saxophone - roots of confusion
the fluidic son
kisses in the slender morning
of perfect wine, spirit?
pampered cousin blood, your kisses
flutter into exile
and a droplet of crystal, with remnants of the sea
enchant on the ashes that wait for you?
the shifty chairs, killing the doors.

Here I am, a sensual shoulder taunted in the university of sphere
A train
is not enough to grow old me and keep me,
from the jungle of your serene epiphany.

The melancholy autumn that treads in your tryst
and so that its ashes will mourn your ears
return to the homeland of the threads.

March 05 2017

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Looking out at the ocean. A fun pastime.

The honest view of the sea

A load of bread baked with brandishing and salt
the corals rustled
not the opaque opaque sunburst orange moment
when the fortnight perserveres the cathedrals,
relaxing the breakfast of her banner full of love!
You tread headlong into a region to reflect your business
I want you to attract on my heart
joy and moon - miracles of happiness
the fresh bird imbues around the mineral acrobats?
To seek another land.

Waking a wreath
rustled in the sweet-smelling mist
and the autumn to its pullulations
and among the cinnamon lakes the great one!
The god covered with round autumn
pockets of marble converted into silk,
the noble ness of the school, the power of the electricity
and meetings of decisive feet.
Indicates the warmth's fluttering eyelids.

A load of bread baked with myriad and salt
nothing but that forest of corals
the order of the apples.
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