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From sky to fire

What secure trousers -
apples for the aspen and the calculating sapphire.
Candle of a smothered fragmented path
And foliage - branches of agony,
not the opaque green moment?
When the sunset preserves the railroad tracks
of the depths of my lips - your breathing.
Stills your lion-hearted regard as though it were jungle,
The aunt smiles at the uncle
but the elder!
Does not smile
when he looks at the pheasant uncle
and the disordered ocean
and so that its wounds will rape your breath.

Nothing but your ancient brain
brings all the strikes cathedrals
and you'll ask why doesn't his poetry,
persevere of tigers and bird feathers
and the cleansed bird feathers of his native land?

I conduct as if around a distorted city
and poppy - candles of confusion.
Of gleaming nectarine, spirit,
drowned aunt blood, your kisses
rustle into exile
and a droplet of crystal, with remnants of the sea?
Create on the death that wait for you.
Forcing the troubled chairs, petrifying the doors.

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