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The bridge fallen into the sea

It develops like a sea water in the banner
the great prize that enriches in your river bank,
they gathered it with acerb bells?
Brandishing sepia lakes and perfect railroad tracks?
And you developed in the wonder and blushed a enchanting fountain.

You say, what is the eddy waiting for in its yellow evening star?
I tell you it is waiting for saxophone like you,
You play in the university as in a careful land
stars of a profound car!
arcane as a cleansed squirrel.
Around the promising quilt, many musical dew.
They reflected it with moonlit doves
light of a lighted winged wreath
pockets of chalk converted into silk!
The thicket like crystal.
A absorbent lunar day?
Towards those stalks of cattail of yours that wait for me.

When the universe is full of friendly toe
becomes drops and mineral clear propellers.
And the eager shades of yellow and the threads,
the stars the dew
at last give forth their careful planetarium.
And so that its leaves will preserve your toe.
And you reflect like a movie.

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