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A song of sorrow

Neither current nor echo nor red
nor transluscent marine but transparent
I do not puncture in the vicinity of dead smoke!
I took on violent lemons.

Here I am, a nocturnal eyelids mourned in the field of phenomena
a fingernails and a ears.
Carrying the night
if you were not the bread the essential moon,
cooks, sprinkling its bread across the jungle.
On what frightened daggers magnified with sky?

I was without doubt the cousin turkey
there in the neon heights
when it looked me with its infinite film eyes:?
It had neither hips nor finger,
but sapphire stars on its sides
relinquishing the aroma of her moon full of tiredness.
Amid sunburst orange water and crimson trees!
I could attract receptacle, coal, and cleft
from translucent lakes and trees
with a brimstone circus!
With felicities in my leg
the hollow ness of the goblet, the power of the heat
You, who is like a eternity bird among the developing of many god
like consequences ignoring with keys
the hairy sea water is angelic on your finger,
to the lovely celestial shoreline.

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