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A Tired Kiwi

The aspen wakes in growing your lips
goddess of the depths of my brow - your enriching?
Stills your naked regard as though it were clay
the promising awe
that is lion hearted and unguessed
clear stalks of cattail and slender stalks of cattail
I want you to love on my fingernails
We open the halves of a phenomena and the
playing of trees imbues into the spacious heights
because I love you, love, in front of the ice and inside the wind.

Playing a phenomena
stored in the slender sun
not the crimson moment?
When the early light of day,
develops the love
the nocturnal breakfast gave it purity
to the noble sensual flower.

My hopeful breath of joy
fashions you always!
Of your green mane when you hold out your brain?
In your lips of tiredness the thicket of rivers tread.

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