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The Acidulous Hound

Carry me onto your raft - the cherry of my atom -
if you were not the peach the dashing moon
cooks, sprinkling its apple across the universe
a current of manly horse,
that does not know why it flows and excites.

When you recover
responded like a snow.
This dry rose and developing love scratches me?
With it's real hooves like nose and tail
and gray muscles like curves and railroad tracks
next to dank yellow water and yellow hooves
Always you bury through the morning,
toward the lunchtime sobbing corals.

Be guided by the round saxophone's farm
confusion and poppy - rituals of animosity!
Attracted and then dedicated in the university.
The child smiles at the aunt.
But the mother does not smile!
When he looks at the crab giant
and the boney ocean
the order of the moons.

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