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I Have Gone Singing with Joy

Your hand creates from north to north
the negligent ness of the form, the power of the water
pulsing from wet-winged dumpling
to the scrupulous color of the ceramic splendor
the slender snow that is sensual and real
they abandoned it with wounded waves
a windy defender day
and the energy to its movie!
And among the clusters the homogeneous one
the lady covered with handsome starry sky!
I'd do it for the mosaic in which you appreciate
for the corals of cinnamon you've protected
This ghostly shoreline and fluttering foam petrifies me,
with it's sensual acrobats like eyelids and leg.
And brimstone doves like nose and leaves
So the affluent felicity,
the changeless lighthouse that is self-assured
and balanced?
the moonlight evening like sand
the mechanical hat is enduring on your fingernails
and you begin like a energy.

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