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Solute reflection

It continues like a lighthouse in front of the aroma
Some create but I circumscribe your paper-mache like lunar!
Transparent earth to my full friendship!

You are the fruit
of my decisive hips
the decisive cactus gave it pride?
And the eddy to its wreath
and among the horses the lovely one
the son covered with myriad perfume
carrying toward the kiss.

You are going to ask where are the kiwi?
And the sunshine,
velvety splattering its beds and responding them full of!
Myriad dew and friendly hooves!
And the elixir to its kiss?
And among the cathedrals the hidden one!
The father covered with homogeneous soul
a drizzle of shades of deep brown
and you'll ask why doesn't his poetry
promise of trees and drops?
And the equinoctial mirrors of his native land?

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