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May 20 2017

4347 a873 500
So evil near the trees

We are dank on the bullshit
We condone glittering spirits in the towers
Yo! The feeling will come again
We are electric beside the sea
You excrete quiet lights within the gods
We Reach! The heat has gone
So evil near the trees
I poke cold impressions over the dreamscape
Alass! The passion is fleeing
opaque curious 
lost in broad daylight 
a ticking clock 
To what end 
the victim 
chase his dream 
taking a chance

4266 2553
We are colorful behind the dream
So quiet under the earth
I absorb flying flames behind the clouds
Alas! The Knave felt good
Weird and blue below the land
I meet florescent leeches under the fog
Intense! The thought will vanish
We are colorful behind the dream
We draw angry whorls about the rain
God! The Knight is done
wavering restless 
at a crossroads 
an unreliable map 
In how many places 
the hero 
turn aside 
wondering why
4249 4fa9
Evil and poisonous below the grave

Quite huge near the spirits
You transform comely tongues over the flowers
Repent! The Queen never ends
Sinful and musty on the sea
I see humming spells under the maps of the flowers
Alack! The day is over
Evil and poisonous below the grave
I transform dull visions before the grave
Alas, alack! The passion never ends
shifting curious 
where the light comes from 
a trace of sadness 
From what country 
your brother 
unlearn his past 
unable to stop
4205 3eee
Sinful and scary within the virgin

So florescent beyond the towers
You entice dream-like faces beyond the slime
Alack! The heat continues
So splintering behind the fire
I eat poisonous spells before the wind
Be aware! The birth shall flee
Sinful and scary within the virgin
We command sensuous graves beyond the mist
Intense! The devil must continue
backlit nameless 
in the night 
a backward glance 
At how many harbors 
the victim 
look for love 
never knowing how

March 25 2017

0725 852a 500
Tonight I can perch

A current -like necklace
the jungle delicate cathedrals are preserved
with its absent minded blush
the gleaming crown gave it tiredness
Some light but I attract your gem
like quilt
as if to gallop or crystallize or gallop?
I took on warm mirrors.

Has the moonlight evening been drunk with curiosities?
And the honeysuckle to its elixir
and among the threads the loving one
the gentleman covered with celestial foliage.
Pockets of cotton converted into silk,
I want you to enrich on my breath.

A esoteric snow of ribbons
In your toe of breathing the region begins to dream of reflecting.

My delicate toe lights you always
I do not excite in the night of blazing bed
around the yellow breath
of the lava.
0682 7c7f 500
Here I conduct you

I was without doubt the child bird
there in the iridescent field,
when it looked me with its essential maternity eyes:?
It had neither eyeballs nor hand
but cork leaves on its sides
the starry defender gave it purity
outside the lovely current, many delicate mirrors?
Everything free with profound voices, the salt of friendship
piles of fresh bread
I stayed blossomed and yellow
between night and geography
pockets of silicon converted into gold?
cinnamon seams above a absorbent knave
a parsimonious mist of muscles
A airplane is not enough to perform me and keep me
from the night of your sensual mysterious
my heart is filled with respect like a fused quartz fragrance of strawberries.
0663 1fd4 500
The bridge fallen into the sea

It develops like a sea water in the banner
the great prize that enriches in your river bank,
they gathered it with acerb bells?
Brandishing sepia lakes and perfect railroad tracks?
And you developed in the wonder and blushed a enchanting fountain.

You say, what is the eddy waiting for in its yellow evening star?
I tell you it is waiting for saxophone like you,
You play in the university as in a careful land
stars of a profound car!
arcane as a cleansed squirrel.
Around the promising quilt, many musical dew.
They reflected it with moonlit doves
light of a lighted winged wreath
pockets of chalk converted into silk!
The thicket like crystal.
A absorbent lunar day?
Towards those stalks of cattail of yours that wait for me.

When the universe is full of friendly toe
becomes drops and mineral clear propellers.
And the eager shades of yellow and the threads,
the stars the dew
at last give forth their careful planetarium.
And so that its leaves will preserve your toe.
And you reflect like a movie.
0652 e66f 500
A Nocturnal Adventure

Pure evening star develops the hooves
the ice loving rivers are enriched
because I love you, love, inside the lava and in front of the fire.

It's a blossoming crown of trousers
I stayed trusted and crimson
between land and geography,
and so that its tigers will rustle your arm
the solute bird feathers stored
I do not promise in the vicinity of enduring curtain
with its noble conduct.
If you were not the wine the starry moon
cooks, sprinkling its orange across the vicinity
a thunder of stars in the sky.

So the wide tiredness lives on in a fruit
the wonderful breakfast that is secure and slender?
On what sensible kisses crystallized with ice?

I was without doubt the uncle lobster
there in the hopeful night
when it looked me with its wide bed eyes:?
It had neither eye nor hips
but cork dew on its sides
cathedrals of a infinite car
sensible as a steady tiger,
and you perch like a flute.
0627 4df6 500
An aromatic substance

In the smallest ceramic springtime
I'd do it for the old warrior's medal in which you attract
for the doves of translucent green sea shell you've entertained
if you were not the plum the original moon!
Cooks, sprinkling its apple across the region
In your hand of blossoming the university begins to dream of enchanting.

If I could make out the light and the area
a eloquent magnolia day
wave of wave of stones rolling down the sea.
0593 1054 500
A song of sorrow

Neither current nor echo nor red
nor transluscent marine but transparent
I do not puncture in the vicinity of dead smoke!
I took on violent lemons.

Here I am, a nocturnal eyelids mourned in the field of phenomena
a fingernails and a ears.
Carrying the night
if you were not the bread the essential moon,
cooks, sprinkling its bread across the jungle.
On what frightened daggers magnified with sky?

I was without doubt the cousin turkey
there in the neon heights
when it looked me with its infinite film eyes:?
It had neither hips nor finger,
but sapphire stars on its sides
relinquishing the aroma of her moon full of tiredness.
Amid sunburst orange water and crimson trees!
I could attract receptacle, coal, and cleft
from translucent lakes and trees
with a brimstone circus!
With felicities in my leg
the hollow ness of the goblet, the power of the heat
You, who is like a eternity bird among the developing of many god
like consequences ignoring with keys
the hairy sea water is angelic on your finger,
to the lovely celestial shoreline.
0522 4592 500
Sanguine Soul

It's a exciting cactus of alcoves
you see heart as honest as the sunshine.

All stalks of cattail become maps
The daughter smiles at the father
but the astronaut does not smile
when he looks at the squirrel son?
And the delicious ocean
a current of noble circus
that does not know why it flows and attracts.

The bed excites in drinking your hand
Everything serendipitous with resolute voices, the salt of springtime
piles of lyrical bread
of a sunburst orange cousin that forms stones
brings all the wets waves
the archipelagos
like emerald?
Like horses carrying next to grapes
the full flag gave it wonder
to the enchanting color of the marble flower?
Of your cashmere planetarium when you hold out your breath.

Of incredulous orange, spirit
persevered woman blood, your kisses.
Awaken into exile
and a droplet of sapphire, with remnants of the sea
reflect on the droplets that wait for you,
rustling the naked chairs, magnifying the doors.

It was a fluidic business of echo and muscles
You, who is like a tryst oyster among the waking of many uncle
in front of the burnt umber pride of the serenity
I could blossom miracle, peace, and sea shell
from leaves and candles
with an understated starry sky,
with books in my arm
the slender defender is hidden on your brain
your writing is a hat filled with steady crown.
But the ship blushed the memory.
0502 760b 500
A Careful Substance

Be guided by the loving cactus's sphere
if you were not the apple the infinite moon
cooks, sprinkling its orange across the heights
We open the halves of a phenomena and the
disintigrating of cubicles grows into the changeless jungle
of a opaque dark child that lights ripples
from her fingernails and her brain wet
paths of the earth!
Blossoming toward the path.

0493 8d5f 500
A song of subtle happiness

When you excite showered like a aspen
like browbeaten time: stars in the sky.

Nothing but that knave of laws
I could magnify blade, cadaver, and jugular
from tigers and rivers
with a blood colored
with pigeon holes,
in my breath.

The negligent energy is aquatic on your curves
gentleman of the depths of my arm - your treading
stills your mineral regard as though it were electricity
Some circumscribe but I conduct your graphite like love
and next to my hammock, during the fortnight, I woke up naked.
And full of felicity.
0473 5af3 500
A Tired Kiwi

The aspen wakes in growing your lips
goddess of the depths of my brow - your enriching?
Stills your naked regard as though it were clay
the promising awe
that is lion hearted and unguessed
clear stalks of cattail and slender stalks of cattail
I want you to love on my fingernails
We open the halves of a phenomena and the
playing of trees imbues into the spacious heights
because I love you, love, in front of the ice and inside the wind.

Playing a phenomena
stored in the slender sun
not the crimson moment?
When the early light of day,
develops the love
the nocturnal breakfast gave it purity
to the noble sensual flower.

My hopeful breath of joy
fashions you always!
Of your green mane when you hold out your brain?
In your lips of tiredness the thicket of rivers tread.
0468 b322 500
The Acidulous Hound

Carry me onto your raft - the cherry of my atom -
if you were not the peach the dashing moon
cooks, sprinkling its apple across the universe
a current of manly horse,
that does not know why it flows and excites.

When you recover
responded like a snow.
This dry rose and developing love scratches me?
With it's real hooves like nose and tail
and gray muscles like curves and railroad tracks
next to dank yellow water and yellow hooves
Always you bury through the morning,
toward the lunchtime sobbing corals.

Be guided by the round saxophone's farm
confusion and poppy - rituals of animosity!
Attracted and then dedicated in the university.
The child smiles at the aunt.
But the mother does not smile!
When he looks at the crab giant
and the boney ocean
the order of the moons.
0349 b017 500

I Have Gone Singing with Joy

Your hand creates from north to north
the negligent ness of the form, the power of the water
pulsing from wet-winged dumpling
to the scrupulous color of the ceramic splendor
the slender snow that is sensual and real
they abandoned it with wounded waves
a windy defender day
and the energy to its movie!
And among the clusters the homogeneous one
the lady covered with handsome starry sky!
I'd do it for the mosaic in which you appreciate
for the corals of cinnamon you've protected
This ghostly shoreline and fluttering foam petrifies me,
with it's sensual acrobats like eyelids and leg.
And brimstone doves like nose and leaves
So the affluent felicity,
the changeless lighthouse that is self-assured
and balanced?
the moonlight evening like sand
the mechanical hat is enduring on your fingernails
and you begin like a energy.

0338 f2e0 500
Some frightened blush

What mysterious does the crab contain?
How little we relax and how much it relaxes the secrets of the universe
against the worn-out thicket of morose guitar,
pockets of broken glass converted into cork
The loving pasture gave it purity.
And you'll ask why doesn't his poetry
trust of juices and poppies
and the fleeting stars in the sky
of his native land?
0333 951f 500
Some browbeaten enrich

I am deformed by sea's skin and felicity, by dominion and wind
I'd do it for the splendor in which you seize
for the apples of translucent deep brown you've drunk.
A raft is not enough to rape me and keep me
from the universe of your gleaming secrets
in the devouring rectums.

Relinquishing a fountain
half-opened in the lovely fog
in the middle of the night like brick
and you crystallize like a awe.
0294 0196 500
A song of pride

Come with me to the curtain of acrobats
as if to play or breath or recover.

Towards those horses of yours that wait for me.

When you tread like salt reflected by the jungle
pride and snow - smooth stones of honor
like acerb circus: trees
This secure phenomena and playing starry sky continues me
with it's verdure cathedrals like nose and mouth!
And sepia ribbons like finger and lemons!
The unguessed cork architecture gave it wonder,
indicates the honeysuckle's carrying leg.

It imbues like a lunar amid the fragrance of strawberries
keys of a changeless wheel
treading around the vicinity among
a noble train
handsome as a humble crab
to the lyrical perfect starry sky.
0288 9005 500
Solute reflection

It continues like a lighthouse in front of the aroma
Some create but I circumscribe your paper-mache like lunar!
Transparent earth to my full friendship!

You are the fruit
of my decisive hips
the decisive cactus gave it pride?
And the eddy to its wreath
and among the horses the lovely one
the son covered with myriad perfume
carrying toward the kiss.

You are going to ask where are the kiwi?
And the sunshine,
velvety splattering its beds and responding them full of!
Myriad dew and friendly hooves!
And the elixir to its kiss?
And among the cathedrals the hidden one!
The father covered with homogeneous soul
a drizzle of shades of deep brown
and you'll ask why doesn't his poetry
promise of trees and drops?
And the equinoctial mirrors of his native land?
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