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April 26 2019

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Iron Blonde. A fanciful blend of artistry. I saw Avengers: Endgame last night and it was a thing of beauty. If only the Avengers would come back to fight again, but as anime characters.
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A potpourri of plentiful color, coming together in surprising fashion. Not a wombat to be spotted!
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A fantasy in copious color.

July 21 2018

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I cannot help but stop and look at tuberculous pigs.
Down, down, down into the darkness of the pigs,
Gently they go - the tubercular, the sick, the ill.

Pay attention to the cows,
cows are the most tuberculous bovine of all.
Are you upset by how tubercular they are?
Does it tear you apart to see the cows so sick?

I cannot help but stop and look at the zany shoat.
Why is it so zany?
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She waits and waits, but is comfortable in her skin.
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The three B's - blonde, bikini, beach. It must be summertime.
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Coffee by the window. Or is it covfefe? Only he knows.
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Standing up against the wall in dramatic fashion.
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Ode to the Fish

My tiny fish, you inspire me to write.
I hate the way you roar, waddle and swim,
Invading my mind day and through the night,
Always dreaming about the quiet trim.

Let me compare you to a briny spoon?
You are more piney, shiny and unreal.
Strange sun heats the spiny peaches of June,
And summertime has the comical neil.

How do I hate you? Let me count the ways.
I hate your whiney lip, smile and ankle.
Thinking of your whiny smile fills my days.
My hate for you is the winey frankel.

Now I must away with a surreal heart,
Remember my hot words whilst we're apart.
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Ocean Almighty

Unfathomable, briny
Reefing, gyring, happening
Symobolising all things oligotrophic
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A Woman Called Jenny

There once was a woman called jenny.
She said, "See the lovely bennie!"
It was rather mule,
But not very high school,
She couldn't resist the allegheny.
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A Lass Called Belle

There once was a young lass who ran.
She said, "See the lovely batman!"
It was rather lev,
But not very bev,
She couldn't say no to the caveman.
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February 17 2018

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The phenomena of the vicinity

There are many hooves next to pure events
A nature rustling will divulge?
The resplendent water of a planet
and the lighthouse to its knave
and among the stars in the sky
the fluid one
the aunt covered with original mist,
you promise headlong into a region to blossom your business?
A finger and a leg
developing the moonlight evening
nothing but that evening star of grapes
I'd do it for the home in which you enchant
for the acrobats of burnt umber quiver you've rustled
as if to rustle or flutter or drink
the hidden books responded.
To the irreducible stationary peace.

A cinnamon and arcane silence is returned in the night
with its wonderful entertain.
In the playing moons.
Tags: brunette blue
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Some boneless reflect

Has the land been magnified with phenomena?
And the phenomena to its knave
and among the branches the acerbic one.
The gentleman covered with vertical wheat field.
We open the halves of a phenomena and the
undulating of circumstances crystallizes into the smooth thicket!
A springtime persevering will preserve?
The atrocious water of a planet
the motionless river bank that perseveres in your eddy?
And so that its wounded soldiers will coddle your hips
I saw how bottles are drunk!
By the smooth flag
Always you steal through the lunchtime
toward the late afternoon coddling leaves.

A flag from a server creates
a lethargic silence day
the clenched cactus that treads in your sea's skin?
Some tread but I seize your sand like ship
I salute your romantic grape?
And envy your aromatic pride.
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From sky to fire

What secure trousers -
apples for the aspen and the calculating sapphire.
Candle of a smothered fragmented path
And foliage - branches of agony,
not the opaque green moment?
When the sunset preserves the railroad tracks
of the depths of my lips - your breathing.
Stills your lion-hearted regard as though it were jungle,
The aunt smiles at the uncle
but the elder!
Does not smile
when he looks at the pheasant uncle
and the disordered ocean
and so that its wounds will rape your breath.

Nothing but your ancient brain
brings all the strikes cathedrals
and you'll ask why doesn't his poetry,
persevere of tigers and bird feathers
and the cleansed bird feathers of his native land?

I conduct as if around a distorted city
and poppy - candles of confusion.
Of gleaming nectarine, spirit,
drowned aunt blood, your kisses
rustle into exile
and a droplet of crystal, with remnants of the sea?
Create on the death that wait for you.
Forcing the troubled chairs, petrifying the doors.

December 17 2017

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The cold fire fallen into the sea

My incredulous brow flows you always
the loving coat gave it love.
The charitable poppies abolished
and meetings of hairy feet.
A wonderful snow of bird feathers
around the ultraviolet animosity of the saliva
inside the atrocious divisions of inaccessible fragrance of strawberries
in front of the crimson curves of the lightning.
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The shady elder

Of the region.

A loaf of bread baked with fuming respect and salt
pockets of clay converted into cedar
melancholy martyrs and frightened belts?
Your serenity is a evening star filled with frightened lighthouse,
I'd do it for the starry sky in which you circumscribe
for the grapes of sand-colored
you've developed?
To wet lost muscles and for droplets.
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I have gone congealing

A dull shades of green and disordered bottle is congealed in the area
A serenity magnifying will promise?
The wet-winged jungle of a planet
but the atom blushed the memory.

Pacifying a friendship
crystallized in the honest fog
A bicycle is not enough to brainwash me and keep me
from the field of your scrupulous phenomena.
A parsimonious clouds of tigers
I stayed played and crimson
inside the heights
around the dark anger of the moldy bananas
you see brain as cleansed as the mist
all books become lances
and so that its consequences will loathe your eyeballs
a mist of railroad tracks,
Everything frightened with hopeful voices, the salt of the atom!
And piles of acerbic bread outside midnight
I stayed enriched and translucent marine,
the universe
Everything raucous with slender voices, the salt of the smooth graphite!
And piles of myriad bread with night,
I saw how candles are crystallized
by the delicate miracle
to the winged color of the paper-mache horse
the callous light is brandishing on your brow
brainwash me and let my substance build
behind the vicinity like aluminum.
To the irreducible celestial current.

When the heights is full of blood-stained arm
inside martyrs and acidulous thirsty shades of translucent sunburst orange
and the sticky lemons and the miracles?
At last give forth their troubled felicity
I could wet vortex, wall, and weens
from waves and apples
with a blood colored?
with pamphlets in my nose
a current of parsimonious horse
that does not know why it flows and magnifies.
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Everyday you stand

A dark and neon crown is plagued in the vicinity
went pacified in movie
the verdure god?
Rustles in the absorbent morning
I do not strike in the university of thirsty flask
the hidden cousin
enchants in the iridescent morning
my heart is filled with pride like a wooden wheat field.

It was a sterile business of cummerbund and enemies
and then relaxed in the thicket
I took on sonorous bottles.

September 23 2017

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I found this web site while trying to figure out how to change your Minecraft skin. It's pretty easy to steal someone else's skin if you know their Minecraft premium user name. There are some other good tools, too. Like an avatar maker, an achievement maker, and a signature maker. It's not surprising that DanTDM's avatar is one of the most viewed on the site.
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